The Secrets of Mandiriqq Kung Fu

Mandiriqq, which translates to “Manduk-sha”, is a martial art that originated in China but has become very popular over the years. The Mandiriq system is based on Hui Kong Kung Fu, a form of Chinese martial art known as the Five Animal Formation Kung Fu. Hui Kong is very similar to Wing Chun and many people think it’s better, but is there something different about this style?

Hui Kong, and other forms of Chinese martial arts, have been used for centuries for self-defense. However, when you study the form you will find that it has a very strong emphasis on flexibility and endurance. This is a common trait of most martial arts, but the strength of the muscles in Hui Kong’s form means that you can use this for both defense and attack, which make it very effective.

This is one form of Kung Fu that’s extremely flexible so learning the system is very easy. Although the training is mostly done with bare feet, some practitioners still use the traditional pad (tung fu) to help develop their skills. However, as with any other martial art, the key to mastering this system is proper training with an instructor that will teach the proper technique to you.

You won’t be taught a lot of physical conditioning in most of the training, although the system does require that you are able to move your arms, legs and torso fast. In fact, if you’re doing basic moves and exercises, it may be difficult to maintain speed. However, if you spend a lot of time in the ring you’ll soon get a feel for how to move with speed and ease.

A major advantage of Mandiriqq is that unlike a lot of other martial arts, the system emphasizes balance. This allows you to move from one position to another without being knocked out, although some practitioners do use the “Sha Jiao” (wing chun) movements.

While it might not be true that you could train to become the next Bruce Lee, the Chinese martial arts is definitely more varied than many people realise. Even those who’ve never studied traditional karate don’t necessarily realise just how much variety it has. With a good teacher and proper training it’s very easy to learn to fight like a pro, so start looking for a good teacher that will make you a student of Mandiriqq today!